This is iocc's $HOME which will be something like /home/iocc on this box. Here you find things that I think is important. I will not tell you my shoe size or other uninteresting facts that people tend to put on their lousy homepages. This page is optimized for a resolution of 1920x1200 in 32 bit :-) My screenshots from year 1996 to 2013 can be found in here. System info about this webserver This is AS43326 and my /24 network is multihomed
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Eurobeat / Eurodance MP3s to download
Fun / cool MPEG movies to download
Linux / Win warez
Music Modules in .MOD format
Music Modules in .S3M and .XM format
Music Modules in .SID format
190 Mbyte of textfiles about everything
Books for SysAdmins and Programmers
Nice babe pics to watch!
0wn3d Linux/BSD babes! :-)
TV-out with a Matrox G400 under Linux
Useful shell scripts
Good stuff to firewall
Using windows built in firewall
Fish irssi fast install

My non-album mp3 list
My mp3 album list
My dance speed album mp3 list
My eurobeat album mp3 list
My eurobeat japanese album mp3 list
My italo unknown album mp3 list
My musicvideos
My musicvideos - Eurobeat (ParaPara)

My misc movies
My misc cds (1.5 Mbyte page)
Why do I call me iocc? Explanation.
All my links/bookmarks
My current computers

Renames mp3albums with broken filenames
Bastard Operator From Hell
Skojig reklam som stoppades =) Hur brett är ett bredband? Traceroute to anywhere Ping anywhere My wikileaks mirror
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